Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yahoo, Microsoft and Google - YPN is the key for Yahoo

I like to keep an eye on the Search Engine world and like to think I know quite a bit about the SEO/SEM side of things. But even if I don't it seems abundantly clear to me.

Launch YPN (Yahoo Publishing Network) Yahoo! Lets assume that Yahoo does not have enough advertisers to do a national, much less a global, launch of YPN. This is where Google comes into play. Google could fill in with their adword/adsense inventory and share money.

Google - Are you listening? Do you want Microsoft and Carl Icahn to completely dismantle Yahoo? Maybe you do, less competition right? But it seems quite clear to me that Google has a soft spot for Yahoo and a big F U to Mr. Softie (MSFT).

Why the hell can't Yahoo, after 3+ years in beta, get YPN launched? This would probably make share holders happy (make me happy, and yes I own Yahoo stock). It would quite rapidly increase revenue both gross and net for Yahoo.

It's issues like YPN that is causing Yahoo to flounder and now on the brink of complete disassembly by Mr. "Make lots of Money and not give a shit about the company" Icahn.

WAKE UP YAHOO - WAKE UP GOOGLE - M$FT is lurking in the shadows..